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How it works

Advances in anesthetic drugs and anesthesia equipment enable our trained dentist anesthesiologist to transform almost any dental office into an operating room, complete with hospital-grade monitors, anesthesia machines, and emergency equipment. 


After we determine the ideal level of anesthesia  where patient comfort meets safe and ideal treatment conditions, you can take comfort in knowing every patient’s pulse oximetry, blood pressure, electrocardiography, temperature, and gas analysis (carbon dioxide, oxygen, and anesthetic gas levels) will be continuously monitored by our highly skilled anesthesiologists. SOBA meets and exceeds all state requirements concerning in-office anesthesia.

drug-induced depression of consciousness in which the patient can respond purposefully to verbal or tactile stimuli. 

Moderate Sedation

SOBA meter-01.png
SOBA meter-02.png

Deep Sedation

drug-induced loss of consciousness in which the patient cannot be easily aroused or respond purposefully to verbal or tactile stimuli. 

SOBA meter-03.png

General Anesthesia

drug-induced loss of consciousness in which the patient is not arousable regardless of the type of stimulus​



Our mission is to provide affordable, safe and comfortable hospital-grade anesthetic experience for all patients in the comfort of the dental office, thus allowing dental providers to focus solely on rendering the best dental care.

We believe all patients should 

have access to high-quality

& comfortable dental care.

Dr. Braxton M. Henderson,

Dentist Anesthesiologist

Dr. Braxton M. Henderson SOBA Anesthesia
Our Mission
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