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why anesthesia?

The dental office is often associated with pain. While much has been done to improve the dental experience, many patients have deeply rooted fears and anxiety when visiting the dentist. Whatever those fears may be, anesthesia provides an avenue for needed treatment.  Children and adults with special needs, dental phobics, limiting medical conditions, inability to get numb, pre-cooperative children, and hyperactive gag reflexes, are a few examples of patients who benefit from anesthesia.

Dentists use drills, needles and foreign tasting substances to treat our teeth that can make going to the dentist an unpleasant experience.  Dental anesthesia makes a potentially uncomfortable situation totally relaxing for the patient.  The patient gets to sleep through the procedure while the dentist completes the work.

At SOBA, we take pride in providing personalized and patient-centered care for you. Our anesthesiologist will personally call the night before the procedure to answer any questions you may have about your procedure.  You can take comfort in knowing that the anesthesia is not delegated to another professional.  Your anesthesiologist stays with you or your child for the entire dental procedure.  The anesthesiologist you meet the day of the procedure will be the anesthesiologist who completes your care. We are also readily available after the procedure should you have a question or concern.

frequently asked questions

financial, insurance, & confirmation policies

The fee for anesthesia includes all pre-anesthesia evaluations, consultations with physicians, medications, supplies, anesthetic care, and recovery.

We do accept NC Medicaid/Health Choice. We bill your insurance directly for the anesthesia provided.

We provide affordable rates for privately-insured or uninsured patients. A non-refundable deposit of $250 is required to confirm your appointment in our schedule. Deposits should NOT be paid until a member of our team confirms your appointment with you.  The balance of your invoice will be paid at the time of the appointment. 


Although we do not accept payment through your insurance company, we will provide you with the necessary documentation for you to file a claim. We recommend that you inform your insurance carrier of your treatment plan prior to the appointment.

Methods of payment accepted: Cash, Check, Credit Card

Once your appointment has been scheduled, our office will contact you to explain the cost of treatment and answer any questions you may have.

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