Office-based anesthesia is a growing trend in the United States.  Advances in anesthetic drugs and anesthesia equipment enable a trained dentist anesthesiologist to transform almost any dental office into an operating room, complete with hospital-grade monitors, anesthesia machines, and emergency equipment.  The anesthesia procedures mirror those received in children’s hospitals and surgery centers, including airway protection. You can take comfort in knowing your patient will be continuously monitored by our anesthesiologists.  This monitoring includes: pulse oximetry, blood pressure, electrocardiography, temperature, and gas analysis (carbon dioxide, oxygen, and anesthetic gas levels). SOBA meets and exceeds all state requirements concerning in-office anesthesia.

SOBA strives to provide a safe and stress-free environment for the dental provider. We allow you to perform high-quality dental care in the convenience of your office. We bring hospital-level care to the comfort of your very own dental practice.

why choose soba?

  • Our anesthesiologists are dentist anesthesiologists. We have undergone extensive training in office-based anesthesia that allows us to provide the same quality care of a hospital in the dental office. We are very familiar with the dental environment. We understand dental surgical procedures because we have performed many of them ourselves.

  • You have the ability to keep your office open on day of dental surgeries for exams, hygiene checks, consults, etc.

  • Increase productivity of your practice by not having to deal with inconvenience of hospital scheduling.

  • By having a separate anesthesiologist, the dental provider does not need to have or maintain a sedation permit. Therefore, this mitigates the need for time away from practice for sedation courses and the necessary fees to maintain these permits.

  • There is no need to refer out patients with behavior management issues, thus allowing you to grow your practice.

  • Decreased costs for the patient result in increasing patient access to care. In-office anesthesia is a fraction of the cost of anesthesia in the hospital setting due to the lack of additional administrative and facility fees associated which can run as high as $6,000. SOBA’s anesthesia fees cover all aspects of the patient’s treatment including the medications and recovery.

  • Dentists are able to see more patients using dental anesthesia because in-office anesthesia is more efficient than anesthesia administered at a typical hospital.  On average, dentists are able to see two more patients compared to hospital visits.

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