SOBA strives to provide a safe and stress-free environment for the dental provider. We allow you to perform high-quality dental care in the convenience of your office. We bring hospital-level care to the comfort of your very own dental practice.


Our anesthesiologists are dentist anesthesiologists

We have undergone extensive training in office-based anesthesia that allows us to provide the same quality care of a hospital in the dental office. We are very familiar with the dental environment. We understand dental surgical procedures because we have performed many of them ourselves.

Ability to keep your office open on day of dental surgeries

Keep your office open on day of dental surgeries for exams, hygiene checks, consults, etc.

Skip the hassle of hospital scheduling

Increase productivity of your practice by not having to deal with inconvenience of hospital scheduling.

The dental provider wont need to have or maintain a sedation permit

Having a separate anesthesiologist mitigates the need for time away from practice for sedation courses and the necessary fees to maintain a sedation permit.

Grow your practice

There is no need to refer out patients with behavior management challenges

Save your practice and patients money

Decreased costs for the patient result in increasing patient access to care. In-office anesthesia is a fraction of the cost of anesthesia in the hospital setting due to the lack of additional administrative and facility fees associated which can run as high as $6,000. SOBA’s anesthesia fees cover all aspects of the patient’s treatment including the medications and recovery.

See more patients

Dentists are able to see more patients using dental anesthesia because in-office anesthesia is more efficient than anesthesia administered at a typical hospital. On average, dentists are able to see two more patients compared to hospital visits.







Who is the Second Chance program for?

People struggling with:

  • homelessness
  • felons
  • those in recovery

Are there any additional qualifications?

Candidates must be:

  • Able to lift 40 pounds, do other physical labor.
  • Able to pass a drug test
  • Willing to follow all rules and policies set forth by Impact Companies.

What is the application process like?

Candidates who meet the qualifications can send their resume to If we have an open position, we’ll contact you and schedule an interview.

What do those hired into the Second Chance program receive?

Second Chance hires receive:

  • Gainful employment.
  • Job training.
  • Life goal and financial coaching.
  • Potential housing.
  • Potential financial assistance.
  • All of the regular benefits granted to full-time employees at Impact Companies.

What kind of work do Second Chance hires do?

Second Chance hires typically start as General Laborers for CTC Crushing at one of our quarries, but there have been exceptions based on the candidate's qualifications, our needs, and other factors. General Laborers help maintain our crushing equipment and perform other tasks needed by our pit crews. The work is labor intensive - but it also teaches useful skills and the opportunity to move up in position and wage.

How does the housing work?

The program provides free housing to select Second Chance hires in furnished trailers located at one of our six Las Vegas quarries. The initial contract length for the housing is 90 days. Afterwards, it can be renewed on a month to month basis - all at the discretion of management.

Do all Second Chance hires get free housing?

No, not all. Free housing is provided based on availability, need, and other factors.

How many people have been hired through Second Chance?

We don't have an exact count, but in the 18 years since the program was founded, we've had more than 200 employees hired through Second Chance.

Why do we have a Second Chance program?

The Second Chance program is founded on the principle that everyone regardless of their past deserves a second chance. It's the brainchild of GM Bill Mulligan, who was looking for a way to help the growing Las Vegas homeless population. People struggling with homelessness, along with people with a criminal record or those who have struggled with addiction, often face serious disadvantages when it comes to finding a job or housing. The Second Chance program is designed to help people in a way that removes those disadvantages. In 18 years, the program has countless success stories, starting with our very first candidate, Cody Huff, who went on to found a ministry called Broken Chains that provides aid to the homeless community. Some of our longest tenured employees, including several managers, were hired through Second Chance, and dozens of candidates have gone on to have successful careers, own their own homes, and have financial freedom.

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